Daily Post’s Time for Poetry: Candle for Two

20140414-030127.jpg A candle for two, This is for me and you. From faith to fate We found ourselves as a soulmate. Vast seas and mountains distanced us before, but now praise Allah we share only one shore. A kiss, a hug or a gentle touch of your hand, my body follows you softly on your command. A word, a phrase or a song in your heart, only speak of love that won’t keep us apart. A wish, a dream or a fervent prayer to Allah, That in sha Allah together we will be in Jannah. A candle for two this is from me to you, Life is perfect with you, Only to Allah this is due. —————————— P.S. I love you yesterday, And I love you today, And I will love you until my last day. Anj and Majid Two people that have a True Love embodied. For the Weekly Challenge: Time for Poetry